The old yoga-culture and the development of humankind

Nowadays there is a great variety of traditional yoga schools and modern yoga variations or mixtures of different styles. This new impulse in yoga, being presented here, is not about just another new school or variation, but about the development of humankind and its relation to spirituality. At around three thousand years ago, when these now well known physical and breathing exercises of yoga were developed, the yogin still had a deep spiritual sense and could experience the fine aetherical energies and the spiritual dimension of the breath. In this old yoga-culture there was a strong longing for the reunion with the higher realms. Mankind was experiencing that this former spiritual connection was increasingly getting lost and that man was bound to become an earthly being. Where as the spiritual perceptions of the yogin at that time were more in the form of intuitions or even occurred in dreams, evolution has brought modern mankind new capacities like an independent, clear and differentiating thinking, which enables him to enter in a new, more conscious relationship with spiritual dimensions.

Creative process of consciousness

The main objective in this yoga impulse is not the energizing effect of the physical and breathing exercises, but reinforcing and harmonising the powers of consciousness, these being the thinking, feeling and will. Autonomous processes like the rhythm of the breath and the flowing of the life-energies remain free and aren't manipulated to prevent the danger of causing physical exhaustion or mental distress. Vividly thinking and examining spiritual thoughts on the contrary creates mental stability and regeneration of the body. Spiritual thoughts in yoga practise do not remain abstract but lead to vivid feelings of the soul and to an artistic expression of the exercises. This way of practising inspired by spiritual contents uplifts the soul, giving the feeling of being connected to a spiritual dimension as well as to material reality. Indirectly this creative process of consciousness has a warming, relaxing and harmonising effect on our whole organism.

Spirituality as an integral part of life

This process in which a spiritual idea is being examined, experienced in the soul and then practically realised, can be transfered to any other aspect of life. In ancient yoga culture, in which earthly life was considered as “maya”, as an illusion, the yogin sought the way back to the lost condition of being in union with the higher worlds. In our days mankind faces the big challenge of becoming acquainted with metaphyisical and spiritual dimensions in life, and letting these become an integral reality of his or her personal, social and cultural existence.

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