Colours and forms have a strong influence on people

If we look at the history of art, we see within art and architecture how the designs served practical life, but at the same time inspired the human soul and spirit. The arts were a means to give people a deeper meaning to life. Today in architecture and interior design we mostly find forms that have arisen out of pure economic or more emotional motives, the driving force being successful sales. On the other side there is the extreme of exclusive and expensive design. Nowadays many people are unaware of how a sign, a colour or a form is effecting and influencing their soul. Thus, the original endeavour of architecture and art to show a cosmic harmony and to express higher values, has been pushed far into the background.

Comfortable and inspiring spaces

In a house in Tenno the aim has not been to reconstruct the achievements of the past but to create a new impulse in design and interior spaces according to the ideas of philosopher Heinz Grill. A starting point for this design impulse is both natural needs of people for a comfortable living, but at the same time, their soul wish for relationship and development. Fluid and rhythmic forms in interior architecture can inspire and motivate the soul to progress in live. This idea that spiritual architecture uplifts and even educates people can also be found in Rudolf Steiner’s organic architectural impulse.