How free is our consciousness?

In every day life we are often exposed to many stimuli that can draw away our attention, which can lead to nervous complaints or even exhaustion. And if we want to change ourselves and the way we deal with the environment, we will most surely encounter the resistance of our habits, emotional and mental patterns. So one might raise the question; how strong and how free is actually the consciousness to give life a truly harmonious and constructive direction?

Letting go and concentrating

At the beginning of each meditation we let go of all superfluity, which means relaxing first the body, then the respiration and at last the mind by quietly observing its endless stream of intrusive emotions and thoughts. When the mind has become more calm and free, we can begin with more oversight to concentrate on the object that we have chosen. Appropriate objects for meditation can for instance be texts, images or persons, which however represent an inspiring ideal for us. By repeatedly meditating with clear thoughts on our object, this object will more and more start to reveal us its true nature. The deeper knowledge and true feelings that we can experience lead to inner calmness and joy representing at the same time the substantial force to live life in a harmonious and creative way.

Inspiring meditation

This approach to meditation is not a egocentric practise but is a very attentive process of entering in relationship to something higher, in which the soul responds with true authentic feelings. The result is the experience of a quiet and inspired centre in ourselves and at the same time an open and creative attitude towards the outer world.